How To Store A Caravan For Winter

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Caravan storage is a great way to keep your caravan safe and protected during the winter months. Your caravan is less likely to be used so it makes perfect sense to store it away whilst we hibernate throughout the winter cold.

Red Squirrel Self Storage can be your perfect partner for caravan storage. We have the perfect size storage facilities to accommodate caravans of various sizes. However, you might want to run through a checkup list before proceeding. So here is a quick checklist of things to do before putting your caravan in storage for the winter.

Drain The Water Tank

If you are planning to store your motorhome or caravan, it is a good idea to drain the internal water system as soon as possible. This will prevent the water from freezing whilst in storage.

1. Turn off all water valves inside and outside of your caravan and disconnect any hoses connected to them.

2. Open the cap on the fresh water tank and allow all of the remaining water to drain out into a bucket or container placed underneath it.

3. Flush out any remaining water by pouring in a mixture of one gallon of vinegar followed by two gallons of fresh water from a hose connected to an external faucet or spigot outside your caravans door; this should be run through both hot and cold faucets for several minutes until no more bubbles appear in the lines – this will rid your pipes of any residual mineral deposits that may have built up over time and prevent corrosion while they are empty during storage.

Empty the fridge

Unless you prefer your caravan to smell of rotten food, then you might want to completely empty the fridge. Whilst this is one of the more obvious things to do, if you forget then you may find your caravan host to some unpleasant smells upon your spring reentry.

Unplug appliances

As tempting as it may be, don’t leave items plugged in while they cool down before packing them away again. It will save time later on when trying to get everything packed up again as soon as possible!

Clean out cupboards

Take everything out of all your cupboards and clean them thoroughly before putting everything back into place again! This includes cleaning any utensils and dishes that may have been left behind during previous holidays too.

Turn off the gas supply

Make sure that you have turned off all of the gas taps. Make sure that any gas appliances are turned off as well. If there is a gas oven or hob in your motorhome, make sure that they are turned off too. If you have an electric stove, then this will not be an issue and you don’t need to worry about it.

Check your batteries

The battery power of your motorhome or caravan will decrease over time if it is not being used regularly, so checking them once or twice every two or three months should be sufficient. If they have gone flat, then use a battery charger and recharge them fully before putting them back into storage for the winter months. If they don’t take charge, then replace them with new ones before storing your vehicle away for winter.

Remove Bedding & Clothing

When you’re not using your caravan or motorhome, it is often put into storage. The problem with this is that clothing, soft furnishings and other items can become musty and damp over time.

Disconnect All Electricals

If you have any electrical items such as televisions or radios then it is best to disconnect these from their power source before storage takes place so that they don’t get damaged by battery drain over time due to no use.

Invest In A Caravan Cover

A caravan cover is an essential investment for any caravan owner. This will help prevent dust & dirt from settling on your caravan, especially in outdoor storage. You don’t want to go back to a dirty caravan.

Check the tyres

Your caravan will be sat for quite a while, which can cause flat spots due to the weight on your caravan’s tyres. It is always a good idea to visit your caravan occasionally to shift the weight off the same part of the wheels to prevent this from happening.

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